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Your Hometown Recovery

Substance abuse and addiction treatment in Kansas City, MO

We provide cost effective, quality treatment to the community of Kansas City. Our extended care program specializes in treatment for substance use disorders focusing on drug and alcohol dependence and addiction.

Our Approach

Our therapeutic model uses many different approaches, in order to provide our clients with multiple avenues to find recovery. Our approach employs both individual and group therapy. We utilize experiential group therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, 12-step integration, rational-emotive behavior approaches as well as psycho-educational groups. Clients are encouraged to engage in our community activities and integrate their daily experiences into their clinical work. Learn more

Introducing our new Detox Residential Center

Our team at Midwest Recovery Centers is proud to announce the opening of our residential detox program. Now you can begin your recovery from addiction right here in your hometown. Find out how we can help you today.

Our Treatment

As an extended care treatment facility , Midwest Recovery Centers serves to provide intensive recovery treatment for addiction as well as other life problems. Learn more

Transitional Recovery

At Midwest Recovery Centers our belief is that the extended care treatment model provides a safe transformative client centered recovery process from alcohol and drug use. Learn more

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Insurance Coverage

As of 2014, most individual & small group insurance plans, including plans sold on the Marketplace are required to cover mental health and substance use disorder services. Learn more

Our Addiction Treatment Programs

Transitional Recovery
This highly effective extended care treatment model is broken into 2 phases, and consistently monitored by clinical staff. Phase one lasts ninety days and phase two up to six months depending on your needs and goals. Our objective is for each individual to transform their lives and having long lasting success with recovery. Learn more
Clinical Services

Our clinicians make ongoing medical assessments for every client and craft treatment plans to address their individual needs and the needs of their families. These personalized recovery plans establish measurable and attainable goals to promote healthy progress. Learn more

Family Program
An essential part of recovery is treating not only those with drug and alcohol dependence: we also provide education, counseling, and support for loved ones. Our mission is to prepare families for the common obstacles and natural struggles that occur in sobriety in a compassionate, healthy, and sustainable way. Learn more
Remaining engaged in support throughout the first year of recovery greatly improves the chances of long-term success. As an individual progresses through the phases of treatment, we provide an extensive aftercare program to continue to reinforce the principles and behaviors that have been learned in the recovery process. Learn more
Community IOP

A supportive program tailored to individuals who have have ceased consistent and persistent drug and alcohol abuse, but still require the development of tools to respond to relapse triggers, cravings, and other hurdles of early recovery. Learn more

What Our Clients Are Saying

“This place was great I went for 90 days and as far as rehab goes this is the best I’ve seen so would highly recommend this place, they actually care about your recovery here which isn’t very common in rehabs in my experience”

“Our experience with Jeff and Kevin and the entire Midwest Recovery team has been truly a blessing. Our journey with addiction has taken us down many roads, but we feel so strongly about Jeff and Kevin and their ability to connect with our son. Everything about the operation is top notch, but their compassion and adherence to their plan, is what makes this place special for us. Really good men, who do a wonderful job of listening and sharing their real world experience with not only the people in the program, but their loved ones as well. Excellent communication and a loving atmosphere. We highly recommend Midwest Recovery Centers to anyone battling with addiction.”

“Beautiful Facility! Outstanding Staff!”

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