Family Program

Midwest Recovery Centers Family Program


midwestrecoverycenters-photo-8We recognize that family is an essential part of recovery for anyone. Along with the difficult behaviors that come along with addiction, co-dependence is also prevalent amongst family members. Our goal is to not only treat those with drug and alcohol dependence, but to provide education, counseling, and support for families.

Having an addicted loved one can cause a considerable amount of emotional turmoil within the family. It often creates doubt, sadness, even frustration and anger. These struggles can often seem insurmountable. The road to sobriety is often long and difficult, but with help it is absolutely possible.  Our mission is to prepare families for the common obstacles associated with early recovery, development of healthy boundaries, and the tools to respond to the natural struggles that occur in sobriety.

Along with weekly family contact from our clinical team, family members are encouraged to engage with our family support staff, attend family support group meetings, and be involved in the overall treatment process. When deemed appropriate, our clinical team will work with families to schedule family education and counseling sessions, as well as family visits and outings.