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Midwest Recovery Centers’ Philosophy

As an extended care treatment facility , Midwest Recovery Centers serves to provide intensive recovery treatment for addiction as well as other life problems. With the help of professional therapy and education, Midwest enhances the personal growth of each client. This 12-step community focuses on intensive treatment that garners positive results.

The benefits of a 12-step based program like this one are plentiful.

One of the biggest reasons so many people attend 12-step meetings is because they offer a place to share in their recovery. If you have wondered about ways to cope with the stressors of life during rehabilitation, you are sure to find solace in these sessions. The sessions also allow clients to meet others with similar struggles, allowing them to share and learn new ways to further their progress.

One approach that the 12-step method takes is toward behavior and its effects on others. Each client is asked to consider how his actions have influenced the feelings and actions of those around him. Clients also appreciate that they have the opportunity to work toward making up for their actions toward those they may have hurt in the past. By holding themselves accountable for their actions, each client builds a foundation towards restoring and building strong relationships with the people in their lives.

We offer a therapeutic model that is based on the concept of community. We utilize experiential group therapy while also promoting individual work with a therapist. Overall, we believe that recovery is a process that involves the mind, body and spirit.

In order to reach all three components, Midwest uses a variety of recovery tools.

While we are a therapeutic program first, therapy is only part of the package; we also offer a supportive community that nurtures your growth. Much of our philosophy comes from the basic principles of 12-step programs, leading to accountability, respect and recovery.

We have seen that one of the keys to recovery is learning how to establish boundaries. Our program helps clients do this by focusing on their interpersonal skills, forcing them to confront old behavior. It is also important for clients to find new life skills by which they can shape their lives.

Another key component to the success of clients at Midwest is that many staff members also have personal experience with addiction. They are actively involved in 12-step programs themselves, ensuring that they have empathy and compassion for those they work with.

Midwest Recovery Centers can focus on issues involving anger, emotional intimacy, and relationship skills. Finally, residents appreciate that our clinical team customizes a care plan based on each individual’s unique situation. We know that each person is different, and there is no singular path to recovery that everyone must follow.

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