Clinical Services


The dedicated team at Midwest Recovery Centers begins the assessment process at pre-admission. We understand that every individual has specific issues , and finding a program that fits your family’s needs is our top priority. We strive to ensure that any prospective client is medically safe and appropriate for our services. A comprehensive assessment is completed at intake to make an accurate diagnosis of the primary condition, as well as any accompanying mental health and behavioral issues. This assessment allows us to identify the specific goals and objectives that will be achieved during the treatment process.

Treatment Planning

Clinical and medical assessment are ongoing throughout our care. As these needs are identified, the clinical team will develop an extensive and individualized treatment plan, tailored to each person and their family. Treatment plans aim to address multiple areas of life, and establish realistic, measurable, and attainable goals to promote healthy progress.

Group Therapy

The goal of group therapy is to assist each client in identifying and understanding their own pathology in regard to their substance use disorder and/or mental health diagnosis. We strive to interrupt harmful symptoms and ineffective coping mechanisms, and encourage clients to build self-enhancing patterns of behavior to grow into lasting mental wellness. Our talented staff have developed a curriculum that promotes the development of relapse prevention skills, communication skills, introspection, harm reduction and resolution, and establishing healthy boundaries. Group therapies range from emotional process groups, to cognitive behavioral therapies, to acceptance and commitment therapy and psycho-educational groups. These lessons may be delivered in lecture form, group discussion, artistic expression, video, or written assignments.

Individual Therapy

During the admission process, each individual is assigned a personal therapist that will conduct individual therapy. We understand that some difficulties take time to resolve, and a group setting is not always the best avenue to find solutions. Individual therapy provides the opportunity to work on specific issues, have ongoing assessment and diagnosis, and to provide appropriate referrals. We have a large team of trained professionals in the community who may work in conjunction with the staff at Midwest to provide a complete clinical experience.

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