Program Description  – Extended Care Model

Multi-Phasal Transitional Recovery

At Midwest Recovery Centers our belief is that the extended care treatment model provides a safe transformative client centered recovery process from alcohol and drug use.  [read more…]

Clinical Services

The dedicated team at Midwest Recovery Centers begins the assessment process at pre-admission. [read more…]

Treatment Planning
Clinical and medical assessment are ongoing throughout our care. [read more…]

Group Therapy
The goal of group therapy is to assist each client in identifying and understanding their own pathology in regard to their substance dependence. [read more…]

Individual Therapy
During the admission process, each individual is assigned a personal therapist that will conduct individual therapy. [read more…]

Family Program

Our goal is to not only treat those with drug and alcohol dependence, but to provide education, counseling, and support for families. [read more…]


At Midwest Recovery Centers, we believe that remaining engaged in support throughout the first year of recovery greatly improves one’s chances of long-term success. [read more…]