Program Description – Extended Care Model

Our goal is not only to treat those with drug and alcohol dependence, but to provide education, counseling, and support for families.

Residential Detoxification Center

Our detox program provides individuals looking to break free from addiction with a chance to rid their bodies of harmful substances and prepare to attend treatment with a clear mind and commitment to recovery. Learn more

Multi-Phasal Transitional Recovery

At Midwest Recovery Centers our belief is that the extended care treatment model provides a safe transformative client centered recovery process from alcohol and drug use.

Learn more

Family Program

Our goal is to not only treat those with drug and alcohol dependence, but to provide education, counseling, and support for families. Learn more

Aftercare Program

At Midwest Recovery Centers, we believe that remaining engaged in support throughout the first year of recovery greatly improves one’s chances of long-term success. Learn more

Community IOP Program

Is tailored to those individuals that have been able to cease consistent and persistent drug and alcohol abuse, but still require the development of tools to respond to relapse triggers, cravings, and other hurdles of early recovery. Learn more

Residental Mental Health Program

Midwest Recovery Centers’ Residential Mental Health Program provides innovative and scientifically-proven approaches to help individuals overcome mental health challenges and reclaim their lives.

Learn more

Clinical Services

Our clinicians make ongoing medical assessments for every client and craft treatment plans to address their individual needs and the needs of their families. These personalized recovery plans establish measurable and attainable goals to promote healthy progress


The dedicated team at Midwest Recovery Centers begins the assessment process at pre-admission. Learn more

Treatment Planning

Clinical and medical assessment are ongoing throughout our care. Learn more

Group Therapy

The goal of group therapy is to assist each client in identifying and understanding their own pathology in regard to their substance dependence. Learn more

Individual Therapy

During the admission process, each individual is assigned a personal therapist that will conduct individual therapy. Learn more

Staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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