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About Midwest Recovery Centers

As an extended care treatment facility, Midwest Recovery Centers aims to provide quality addiction treatment in a safe and structured environment. With the help of professional therapy, education, and 12-step support, Midwest Recovery Centers enhances the personal growth of each client and their family.

In order to provide a comprehensive recovery experience, we understand that each family must be treated individually.

Our goal is to arrange the appropriate tools, education, and experiences to equip you for a life of long-term sobriety. This begins with our therapeutic model. Through the use of group and individual therapies, our clinical team can develop the appropriate objectives and interventions to confront the behaviors and emotions that come with alcohol and drug dependence.

While we are a therapeutic program first, therapy is only part of the package; we also offer a structured sober living program. We believe that residing in a safe environment with others in the same stages of recovery promotes a sense of community and provides support. Our scheduled activities and functions are in place to follow a fun and healthy, active sober lifestyle.

Much of our philosophy comes from the basic principles of 12-step recovery. From our group dynamics, community outings, daily accountability, and our staff, these ideals are reflected. Many of our staff members have their own personal experience with addiction and recovery. This offers us a unique opportunity to provide compassion and empathy for those we work with.

Lastly, abstinence from drugs and alcohol is just the beginning of the healing process. It often is necessary to get an honest view at the behaviors that drive the addiction. Our extended care model allows our staff the time to work with families to provide the necessary framework to impact mind, body, and spirit.

Our Facilities

Supervised Structured Sober Living
The company of others in recovery provides a chance to build recovery skills based on honesty and gives an opportunity to contribute to a support system in a positive and sharing environment. Learn more

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