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Our goal is not only to treat those with drug and alcohol dependence, but to provide education, counseling, and support for families.

From the day I first got here to now, a lot has changed. Nothing material for the most part, but within myself I have cultivated trust, honesty and a new faith in recovery. The first month I was here, everyday I struggled with cravings and hopelessness. The 90 day program here gave me time to change my behaviors and thought patterns, get a sponsor, go to meetings and trust the process. The staff here is amazing and have so much hope and experience to share. I am so grateful to have been lucky enough to come to MRC for what will hopefully be my last treatment. The program here has changed my life and brought me to a place in life where I have hope, I am able to persevere, and I am willing to put in the work. I cannot say enough about MRC.

Anonymous Client

Saying goodbye to my son the day we dropped him off at Midwest Recovery Center, and putting our trust in the staff’s hands to care for, help, support, and guide him in the recovery process was the first day to a new beginning for us all! The days he was there with the men in the house were days to get him on the best start to recovery! We are forever grateful!”

Anonymous Parent of Client

What midwest Recovery Centers did for me was more than I could have ever asked for. From the moment I walked through the doors the staff made me feel at home and it made for an amazing experience. I learned so much about addiction and about myself that helped prepare me for life.

Anonymous Client

I will be forever in debt to Jeff and Kevin at Midwest Recovery Centers, for helping to save me from my disease of addiction. I was on death’s doorstep and they gave me a safe, therapeutic and loving atmosphere to reside in until I could regain my footing in the recovery process. There is no place like Midwest Recovery Centers.

Taylor Brown, former client and present staff

The entire staff are all in long term recovery, and have such powerful experience to share with clients. They know exactly what the clients are going through, and it really shows in their treatment approach. They treat each individual with the upmost respect and integrity. I am so grateful to Midwest and the entire staff!

Anonymous Client

I want to thank MRC and the staff for all their support during my stay. I’m so grateful to have found a comfortable rehab. I will keep in touch with staff there and look forward to my life of recovery!

Anonymous Client

Staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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