Midwest Recovery Centers’

Mental Health Philosophy

As a full scope Behavioral Health Program, Midwest Recovery Centers serves to provide intensive recovery for both Substance Use Disorder and Primary Mental Health Disorders. With the help of medical expertise, professional licensed therapy and clinical guidance to an individualized approach, Midwest Recovery enhances the personal growth of each client on their path to a more balanced lifestyle. Our inpatient programs focus on a broad array of therapeutic and experiential practices that provide a safe, compassionate and effective atmosphere in which to recover.


big journeys begin with small steps signOur program is tailored for individuals with identified mental health issues who are seeking a structured and supportive environment for their healing journey. We are not an acute inpatient facility. Acute care facilities, such as an inpatient psychiatric hospital ward, focus on reducing the immediate risk of suicide or other severe expressions of mental illness. Once the patient is stabilized, our residential mental health program effectively bridges the gap between acute care and reentry into a healthy, independent living situation.

Blending the Best of Medical Science with Proven Effective Therapeutic Approaches

addict in therapy for substance use disorder

At Midwest Recovery Centers, we practice person-centered care, meaning we strive to meet the specific needs of each patient through individualized treatment plans. By addressing all facets of a person’s well-being – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, we can help them achieve true well-being.

In crafting the best approach for an individual, we consider that person’s presenting problem, physical and mental symptoms or conditions, their degree of psychological distress, their belief system, whether they have a strong support system, and many other factors.

Although medications are a pivotal part of the process, they are not our sole means of treatment. Prescription medication use is combined with holistic and naturopathic modalities such as herbal remedies, amino acids, vitamins and supplements to achieve a blend of eastern and western medicine to enhance effectiveness and tailor treatment to the individual patient.

How The Program Works 

Because our 45-day program takes place over a specific time period, our experts use a step-down approach. Initially, each patient sees their therapist at least two times per week for about three weeks, then they step down to once per week for a period of time, and finally progress to periodically leaving the residential facility with a pass as they re-acclimate to their home environment. The medical team uses a similar step-down approach. When the patient first arrives they see the psychiatric nurse practitioner three times per week, gradually stepping down to twice a week, then once per week, until they complete programming. This approach is utilized to ensure each patient is given a proper amount of structure on the front end, and autonomy as time goes on, to improve their chances of continuing their recovery process independently, when it comes time for them to leave our program. During the entire program, our case management, medical and clinical team will work to ensure each patient creates a thorough aftercare plan to maintain their recovery goals and mental wellness beyond the inpatient stay with us. 

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