Multi-Phasal Transitional Recovery

At Midwest Recovery Centers our belief is the extended care treatment model provides a safe transformative client centered and cost effective recovery process from alcohol and drug use. We have seen that substance dependence and its co-occurring disorders can become progressive and even fatal. We believe that gender specific residences for men and women are the most effective environments in which to create a therapeutic environment for our clients to gain support. We are guided by our dedication, integrity, and the belief that the disease of addiction is a treatable disease and the persons suffering from it can recover and find a new way of life.

Our program is broken into three phases. All phases of treatment are monitored by the clinical and medical staff and are subject to adjustment depending on each individual’s treatment needs. Clients are expected to engage in their treatment and personal 12-step recovery process at all phases of treatment.

Detox & Residential

Initial admission into our program involves 24/7 medical oversight from both NP and RN staff to review the client’s detoxification process and needs going forward. Once clients have achieved a medically supervised detox stabilization, they begin attending groups and meeting with individual therapists. Clients receive 56 hours per week of clinical services in this level of care. Our clinical team utilizes a wide range of therapeutic approaches designed to cater to each individual’s needs. Clients meet individually with a therapist each week to help fine tune their treatment plan details. This also helps them set measurable goals in order to progress further in their recovery process and prepare themselves for the next step of their treatment. All meals are prepared by a private chef. Washers and dryers are available on site to manage laundry needs.  We bring in outside 12-step and other support groups every night so the clients can learn how to build healthy relationships with other individuals in long-term recovery.

Phase 1

Phase 1 includes admission through the second and third month of programming with us for a total of 90 days after the Detox & Residential phase. Clients receive their cellphones for an allotted amount of time each day to reach out to their loved ones. Our clinical team reviews and monitors all visitations and passes with family and loved ones.  Clients will receive a weekly allowance from their personal spending account. All shopping is staff supervised during Phase 1.

Phase 2

Phase 2 includes structured housing with outpatient level of care, in which clients learn how to assert their new tools and coping skills of recovery with much more autonomy and freedom. At this point in their treatment, clients get their cellphone back full time along with their vehicle, and the ability to return to a job. The clinical team is available to help clients transition back into the “real world” with as much or as little support is needed, along with regular UA testing for compliance. Clients are strongly encouraged to attend support group meetings on a regular basis along with their outpatient meetings at the facility two nights per week. Clients receive financial support the first month for their food and grocery needs until they find a job. Clients can remain in Phase 2 for up to 9 months.

Staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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