A Proper Diet can be One of the Best Drug Rehabilitation Methods

proper diet in addiction recoveryAddiction replaces something vital in your life. It’s the way in which your body is trying to fix something, the addiction is the symptom.

Which is why, many times, finding something healthy to replace your addiction is a commonly used therapy.

A good diet might not completely replace your addiction. But it can help in controlling cravings during recovery. And the best drug rehabilitation methods help control cravings.

1. Substance Abuse And Your Body

It’s a commonly known fact that substance abuse affects the body in negative ways.

Not only can substance abuse affect the physical processes of your body, but it can also affect your psychology. This, in turn, changes your mood, your eating schedule, your rate of exercise, and your diet decisions.

Depending on what kind of substance abuse afflicted you during your addiction, you may have experienced different deficiencies.

And if you improve on those deficiencies, you will see an increase in energy, a decrease in symptoms of depression and anxiety.

The goal of a nutritional program in addiction recovery is to heal and nourish, stabilize your mood, reduce your cravings, and address medical conditions that resulted from your addiction.

2. The Best Drug Rehabilitation Is A Good Diet

Substance abuse can lead to a deficiency in vitamins and minerals within your body. This damages your physical and mental health. These deficiencies can damage your internal organs and your nervous system.

This damage will decrease your immunity and increase the likelihood of diseases.

But a good diet can reverse this damage in your body and begin the process of healing.

You want balanced meals when you are first going through detox. You will most likely be combating hypoglycemia and other deficiencies and you may be attempting to regain weight.

You want to choose nutrient dense food. Think, “the closer to the earth the better.” So whole grains, fruits, vegetables, fish. Anything with antioxidants or good vitamins and minerals.

Cut Out The Processed Stuff As Much As You Can

Carbohydrates will help your mind heal. Good carbs are good for you.

What do we mean by good carbs?

Whole grains, mostly. If you are going to eat spaghetti, get whole wheat spaghetti.

Carbohydrates are your brain’s food. It’s converted into blood sugar and used for the processes in your brain. If you’ve been eating mostly crummy carbs or processed food, you might have a carbohydrate deficiency.

If your brain can’t function you will become frustrated, anxious, and experience increased cravings.

Try to incorporate Omega-3 Fatty Acids. They will help decrease symptoms of depression as you recover.

You can find Omega-3s in eggs, avocados, Fish, walnuts, spinach, and various seafood.

And stay hydrated.

This will ensure that you adequately absorb all the nutrients you need during recovery. The best drug rehabilitation is a hydrated one because it also helps with mood.

Your body knows when it’s dehydrated. So let it drink.


Your body is going to help you get through this period of recovery. But only if you feed it well.

If you’re going through recovery and want some advice, contact us. We have first-hand experience with helping people with their nutritional choices during recovery.


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