Adjusting to Life After Rehab

life after rehab

Life after rehab is an on-going struggle after having to beat the crippling clutches of addiction. The battle has been won but the war rages on. The addiction was easy. The difficulty comes in the day-to-day activities without the crutch of drugs. Your body and mind have adjusted to everyday…

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How to Help a Drug Addict Who Suffers From Mental Illness

how to help a drug addict

Drug addiction can strike anyone at any time. Unfortunately, sometimes that includes people with mental illness. When someone is dealing with mental illness and drug addiction, it’s called a co-occurring disorder or dual diagnosis. This disorder is especially hard to treat because of the positive correlation between mental illness and addictive substances. Drug use…

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Can Mindfulness Therapy Help Treat Addiction?

holistic addiction treatment

Beating addiction is one of the most difficult things someone can face. Anyone that’s suffered (or suffers from) addiction knows that kicking the habit is daunting. The issue with addiction is that it often attacks twofold. Meaning, it hurts us both physically and mentally. Physical cravings can give way to mental…

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