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What the Best Rehab Centers All Have in Common

drug rehab group therapyAn estimated 23.5 million people suffer from drug or alcohol addiction in the United States.  Of those suffering, only around 11% seek out treatment at a specialized rehab center. And of that 11%, a staggering 40-60% see a relapse after treatment.

While there are a number of factors which lead to these statistics, a prominent one is the quality of rehab centers themselves. Though there are some extremely successful rehabs, not every drug and alcohol rehab center is created equally.

There are a variety of different components which separate the best rehab centers from the run-of-the-mill ones. Let’s discuss what all of the best rehab centers have in common.

1. A Wide Range of Recovery Programs

There is no one-size-fits-all treatment plan when it comes to recovering from drug or alcohol addiction.

Trying to force someone into a program that isn’t right for their condition is not only ineffective, but also harmful. The best rehab centers offer a wide range of recovery programs that can be customized to suit a patient’s specific needs.

Different addiction treatment types include group therapy, individual counseling, and medication. Various combinations of these treatment types work better for some patients than others.

In essence, a good treatment center will customize its treatment approach to meet the unique needs of a patient.

2. National Accreditation

An obvious sign that a rehab center is worth its salt is accreditation.

Rehabs which are accredited have shown that they have the knowledge and resources needed to offer serious results.

While rehabs can be accredited by a number of organizations, the most prestigious recovery centers are typically accredited by either The Joint Commission or the National Alliance of Mental Illness.

These two organizations have proven that they are capable of upholding important regulations and standards.

3. Compatibility with Many Different Types of Insurance

Health insurance is complicated.

While some medical centers work with essentially every different type of insurance, others only cooperate with a select few.

You can usually gauge the quality of a rehab center by its compatibility with insurance companies.

As a rule of thumb, the more insurance companies a rehab works with, the more professional and legitimate it will be.

4. A Focus on Overall Health

Recovering from drug and alcohol addiction is so much more than just ceasing drug use.

It involves altering your entire lifestyle so that you develop healthy habits of all kinds.

The best rehab centers will not only help to ween you off drugs. They will also encourage physical fitness, help you to devise a diet plan, and ensure that you’re living a life of purpose.

A good rehab center will get you off drugs and alcohol.

A great rehab center will change your life.

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