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The 5 Best Rehabs for Drug Addiction in the US

Interesting article about the top rehabs, and proud to see MRC on that list! – T Brown

best rehabsThe power of addiction is multi-layered and there are many physical, emotional, and mental aspects at play when trying to recover.

As people struggle to find freedom from their addictions, they will go through many ups and downs. It is important that the people around their loved one dealing with addiction stay understanding, supportive, and helpful.

Whether it’s addiction to substances or addiction to behaviors (i.e. sex, eating, gambling), more than 40% of people in the western world deal with addiction of some sort.

in 2014 alone, over 7 million people battled drug disorders.

While the argument of addiction being a disease or not is still at play, getting help as soon as possible is not. Admitting yourself or helping your loved one get to a rehab center can save a life.

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you and researched the 5 best rehabs in the U.S.:

1. Broadway Treatment Center

This treatment center is based in Huntington Beach, California. It has some of the highest standards when it comes to addiction treatment which puts it at #1 on our list of rehabs. They have a very successful program that is created to help their clients completely overcome addiction.

The program requires daily support and treatment and covers the entire spectrum of recovery. From detox, residential treatment, to outpatient and sober treatment, there is 24-hour supervision for anyone seeking help.

2. Addiction Solutions of Florida

When it comes to rehab centers, this treatment center is extremely well known and specializes in drug and alcohol treatment. This center is completely private and confidential. It allows clients a very serene and tranquil environment to sort through the healing process.

The treatment options are kept affordable and are customized to each client, which is what makes Addiction Solutions of Florida one of the best rehabs in the country.

3. Arrow Passage

Ohio has one of the most substantial epidemics when it comes to drug abuse. However, in Canton, Ohio there is a fantastic recovery center. This is a small and intimate facility that offers very luxurious facilities to anyone who wants to undergo treatment.

The residential treatment services and outpatient care are extremely reputable and have been known to give top-notch care. The team at Arrow Passage pride themselves on creating an elegant atmosphere that is conducive to recovery.

4. Midwest Recovery Centers

With Supervised Structured Sober Living, Midwest Recovery Centers is one of the best rehab facilities the U.S. has to offer. It’s an extended care treatment facility that prides itself on providing quality addiction treatment in a structured environment.

The best rehabs always include programs that teach the entire family how to deal with a family member suffering from addiction. It is invaluable to have your entire family assembled as a team to fight the addiction, and Midwest Recovery Centers makes this a key element.

The center is a therapeutic program first, and also offers sober living programs.

5. The Ranch At Clear Springs

This is a full-service treatment center, making for one of the best rehabs available. It begins with medical detox and is followed by residential care and runs a full outpatient care program as well.

It’s located in the heart of Texas. It’s a vast center that is calm and beautiful. Continuum of care is the core of the center’s program. They focus on the complete habilitation and the recovery journey of every client.

Light in the Dark

Whether it’s you or a loved one who needs serious help in recovering from addiction, consider one of the best rehabs in the nation to help you do so.

You can win the battle. You just might need a little help doing so. When you’re ready to change your life and become stronger than ever, contact us.


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