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Can You Guess the Most Addictive Drugs in the World?

Drug Rehab SignDrug abuse and addiction rates are alarming, with about 24 million people, some as young as 12, requiring treatment. You probably have a good idea of which drugs are the most addictive, but the actual list might shock you.

Medical professionals see patients every day related to the drugs below. If you’re ready to learn what the most addictive drugs in the world are, read below.

Amphetamines are Among the Most Addictive Drugs in the World

If you’re alive today, chances are great that you know someone who has suffered amphetamine addiction. Amphetamine drugs affect the central nervous system by providing jolts of energy throughout the body.

These drugs directly affect the brain’s pleasure centers. For instance, dopamine is a substance that creates sensations of euphoria. Your brain creates dopamine when you exercise, eat delicious foods, explore new things, have sex and other areas of life.

Amphetamines train the brain to get used to that jolt of pleasure.

Some of the most popular amphetamines today are Dexedrine, Adderall and meth. Today, more than 13 million people have used meth and about a half million people are regular meth users.

Heroin is Still Unrivaled in Terms of Addictiveness

You might think that such an old school drug has been surpassed in addiction levels and popularity by the newer, more trendier drug options. Heroin is actually still very popular, and one of the most addictive drugs on the planet.

The reason heroin is so dangerous is that the first high that you get from it is so intensely blissful. The morphine rush creates heavy sensations that leave people addicted.

The big problem is that people who use heroin build their tolerance very easily. Heroin addiction is so strong that people who use it build their lives around getting the next hit.

This is why heroin is still popular — even in a world of people hooked on prescription pills more than ever.

Alcohol is an Incredibly Addictive Drug

Alcohol often gets a pass for being a “drug”, because it is accepted and sold in stores. Only about 20 percent of people with an alcohol problem get professional help.

Commercials run every day that paint alcohol as a carefree experience. Alcohol is legal and easy to get, which is why people develop addictions to it early in life.

Even though alcohol is popular, it is easy to get hooked and develop a problem. People binge drink in high school and college and then carry those habits into adult life.

The Takeaway

Now it’s easy to see which drugs are the most addictive. Since you have this information, you can make decisions to avoid these drugs, or get help if you need it.

If you struggle with drug addiction, keep in mind that true healing takes a holistic approach. Mental counseling, rehab, detox, nutritional information and exercise will help beat drug addiction. They will take you step by step until you’re able to beat the drug problem.

Contact a drug addiction treatment company that can help you get your life back. This way, you’ll be healthier, happier and live longer.


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