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5 Addiction Facts That Might Surprise You

addiction factsThe topic of drug abuse is a controversial subject with myriad misconceptions and few actual addiction facts.

When you look at long-term drug addicts and even recreational users, there’s always space for speculation and stereotyping.

We’re often intrigued by the reason behind someone’s drug abuse. Do they use because they have nothing better to do? Can’t just they say no? Why don’t they ask for help?

While some assumptions may be true, the reality and lives of these people reveal complex background stories.

Surprisingly, up to 70% of drug users hold regular day jobs and lead seemingly functional lives.

Want to learn more about the drug epidemics? Keep reading to discover 5 mind-blowing addiction facts you didn’t know.

1. More than 85% of People Who Use Heroin Don’t Become Addicts

A shocking number of addicts are highly functional in their daily lives. They hold full-time jobs, have families, and hide the addiction symptoms very well.

But the number of people who don’t become addicted after using crack, meth, and heroin is even more shocking.

According to academic experts, 85-90% of people who have ever tried these drugs don’t become addicted.

This leaves 10-15% of individuals who are more prone to addiction due to a variety of biological, environmental, and psychological factors.

2. There’s A Heroin Clinic in Switzerland Where No One Has Died of Overdose

Around ten years ago, Switzerland fell into a deep heroin crisis. The country’s then president, Ruth Dreifus, decided to open specialized clinics where heroin addicts will be given clean heroin free of charge in doses controlled by nurses and doctors.

The results were jaw-dropping. Not one patient at the clinic died of heroin overdose. And all of them were offered support to find housing and a job.

This led to a significant decrease in street crimes and soon, to the end of the heroin epidemic that was sweeping the nation.

3. Kids Are More Likely to Get Illegal Drugs Than Cigarettes or Alcohol

The main logic behind this fact is simple: Drug dealers don’t care how old you are as long as you’re a paying customer. But to buy cigarettes and alcohol, you need to be at least 18+years of age with a valid document of identification.

Liquor stores can lose their permits and earn big penalties if they’re caught selling booze to kids. But a street dealer has nothing to lose.

4. There’s More to Addiction Than The Type of Drug Used

One of the strangest addiction facts is the close correlation between the type of drug being used and the reason for using it in the first place.

When people look at addicts, they usually judge them without knowing much about their lives, struggles, and mental state.

Some brains are more prone to addiction than others. For example, heroin acts as a neurotransmitter, fooling the brain to treat it as its own.

So when a person’s brain doesn’t release enough serotonin (the hormone of happiness and motivation), drugs over-stimulate the brain, causing euphoria and a need to repeat this sensation. And this is where addiction starts.

5. After a Successful Recovery, Not Many Addicts Want to Go Back to Using

Recovery from addiction is not only possible but also life-changing. And with the right rehabilitation program, addicts get a second chance in life.

They’re able to get a job, get back on their feet and turn their life around. They feel more in control of their lives and are more likely to resolve their issues.

As a result, very few relapse and go back to using.

Were you Surprised by These Addiction Facts?

There’s more to addiction than meets the eye.

Are you in need of professional rehabilitation services for yourself or a loved one? Midwest Recovery Centers provides a safe, judgment-free environment and high-quality addiction treatment.

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